Freelance Small Business Website Designer

I'm Cris Q. and I am your local freelance small business website designer serving local small businesses here in Boston and the Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts.

I have been creating websites for friends and families since I was 17. It began as a hobby and recently started pursuing this passion and turning it to a business that assist business owners start a successful online presence.

While my company is new in the area, I am not new when it comes to website design and building successful online web presence. I also have partners in the industry who have been in the trenches of the internet for the longest time bringing you an expertise that is second to none in creating your small business website.

I studied at Devry University in Addison, Illinois to increase my knowledge as a web graphics designer and what this means to you is that you get more FRESH, INNOVATIVE, and CREATIVE designs that will make your online website stand out and generate the success you want to achieve with your website. But I am always learning everyday because it is important as a freelance small business website designer to keep up with the fast changing web technologies.

I look forward in working with you on your small business website design project. I am confident that I can build you not just great looking and professional website for your business, but also build you a successful website that works.

I Believe...

Service is an Attitude not a Department!

My customers deserve to have the best customer service experience the moment you decide to take your business with me. What sets me apart from other web design companies and website designers is my ability to LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, COMMUNICATE and create WIN-WIN-WIN Solutions throughout the process. I make sure that you are getting the best value for your money and not only be satisfied with the design but also be most proud of your website.

You are my most important partner and together we CAN and WILL build a successful website and web presence for your business.

I make sure that I provide you with the best end-product by using the best technology and tools available. I want you to be successful with your online business venture. If you are successful, so am I and my company!

Tools and Technology... uses the latest software available and value-driven services needed to create your website and focused on helping your business achieve success online.

Learn more about them below:

1. Adobe Software

  • Adobe Photoshop® CS4 Extended
  • Adobe Flash® CS4 Professional
  • Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4
  • Adobe Illustrator® CS4
  • Adobe Fireworks® CS4
  • Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro
  • Adobe Contribute® CS4
  • Adobe Soundbooth® CS4

2. Coding Language

  • HTML/HTML5 - Hypertext Markup Languange
  • XHTML - Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  • Javascript

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